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Our Idea

The Fresh Air Project's idea of sustainable surf travel is to provide an authentic surf travel experience that fosters lifelong relationships and new perspectives.

Our  Tribe

We are a community of surfers who have an awareness of our surroundings, love getting off the beaten track and are passionate about contributing to a better world.

Our  Impact

We respect that we are only travellers to a place many call home. Our trips are about immersing ourselves in local culture, giving us an opportunity to build authentic relationships with the local people and make a real contribution to their community. We have no expectations of solving all of their problems. Our aim is to work with and empower the communities we surf in.

The Journey

The Fresh Air journey doesn't start when you get to the airport or end when you return home- we are not aiming to create a ‘volunteering experience’. Becoming a part of our community means developing the way you interact with the world around you and sharing in a lifelong learning experience.

Meet The Team

Ben Gollow


Co-Founder &

Adventure Architect

Elyse Collat

Operations & Logistics


Rory Gollow


Co-Founder &

Adventure Architect

Chanel Bowen

Media Manager

Our Community Partners

Sri Wahyuni
Simuelue Community


Sandeep Samuel
Cocopelli Surf School


Tallala Surf School
Sri Lanka

Our Frothy Guides

Jayden O'Neil 
Indo 2014

Nic Scheltema
Indo 2015

Janiece Walker
Sri Lanka 2015 &

Sri Lanka 2016

Sarah Yani Vann-Sander
Sri Lanka 2015

Peter Dwyer 
Off-Season Indo 2016

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